Water-meter chambers and valve chambers 

Our company delivers water-meter chambers and valve chambers as jointless prefabricated concrete tanks. The prefabricated tanks are made from C25/30 waterproof and steel-reinforced concrete (according to STN 206-1). Our water-meter chambers and valve chambers are designed to resist permanent loading conditions, incidental traffic loading, earth pressure, water pressure and to meet technical standards and regulations of all water companies.

Usage of water-meter chambers and valve chambers:

The water-meter shaft is an inspection chamber for water-meter assemblies. The water-meter chamber can be installed anywhere where a water-meter cannot be installed inside a building or where the place to affix the water-service pipe is too far from the building.

The valve chamber is an inspection chamber used for the installation of various valves and fittings for potable and supply water or water for firefighting purposes (e.g. plug valves and ball check valves).

Technical characteristics:

Our water-meter chambers and valve chambers are constructed as square concrete underground tanks delivered with a concrete tank cover. The entrance for the purpose of maintenance and inspection is enabled through a manhole in the tank cover. The manholes are enclosed with lockable covers of A15, B125, C250 or D400 load class. By a tank installed below ground level, an entrance shaft, composing of shaft rings and a cast-iron shaft cover of A150-D400 load class, is set on the manhole.

The water-meter chamber is to be heat-insulated properly in order to prevent water-freezing in the water meter, as well as properly air-venting in some cases.


The water-meter chambers and valve chambers are to be installed by means of a truck crane into a prepared excavation on the horizontal ground concrete with the sand bottom. The thickness of the ground concrete is specified by a structural engineer for each building object individually. In case of high groundwater level, the tank needs to be anchored.

Selected projects

Water-meter chamber

Water-meter Assemblies
Manhole with Cover
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1. Water-meter Assemblies
2. Manhole with Cover
3. Concrete or Plastic Tank

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