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Wastewater storage tanks

Wastewater storage tanks are used as collecting tanks for rainwater, sewage and industrial wastewater – for their disposal or a further usage.


Usage of wastewater storage tanks:

to retain rainwater for the irrigation
as a cesspool or a septic tank to retain sewage water
for storage of industrial wastewater


Technical characteristics:

We offer our customers prefabricated concrete storage tanks made from C30/37 or C35/45 waterproof concrete of a circular or square tank bottom (according to STN EN 206). Our company delivers wastewater storage tanks in two versions – for the installation in grassed areas or for the installation in street areas (of D400 load class). The entrance into the storage tank is enabled through a circular manhole (Ø 600 mm) in the cover plate. By the tank installation in a bigger depth the entrance is possible through an entrance shaft, composed of shaft rings and a cast-iron shaft cover of A150-D400 load class. To achieve the desired water capacity of the reservoir, it is possible to combine various tank types.


Storage tank installation:

The storage tank is to be installed by means of a truck crane into a prepared excavation on the horizontal ground concrete with the sand bottom. Thickness of the ground concrete is specified by a structural engineer for each building object individually. In case of high groundwater level, the storage tank needs to be anchored.


Facility service and maintenance:

To assure long-life functionality of the storage tank, it is necessary to follow operating instructions, check the wastewater storage tank on a regular basis and clean it as needed.

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